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Drake & The Weeknd AI-generated song goes viral...

However, Twitter indicates it could be a very clever ad campaign by a tech startup called Laylo.

Drake and The Weeknd
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A new AI-generated song featuring fake Drake and The Weeknd is taking the internet by storm but it might just be a tech startup behind this; according to a deep Twitter dive. The track is called 'Heart on My Sleeve' and it's all over TikTok/Twitter right now. Purportedly, this was created with nothing but the use of AI programming, meaning there wasn't a human involved in the making of what sounds like an absolute hit, with what also sounds like Drizzy and Abel. In other words, AI efficiency is getting scarily good.

Right from the beginning, you hear the familiar Young Metro intro, which then goes into a bass-heavy club beat with Drake starting the opening verse. It's incredibly good and sounds like something Drake may have even written/rapped and same for Weeknd's chorus. On its face, you'd think this was a leak however, Twitter sleuths are claiming it isn't, and that it's solely the work of a robot.

Now, as for who may have created this track and why? An AI program still needs commands in order to generate the song in the first place. One man thinks he has the answer and he might be on to something. Mitchell Cohen of AppSumo started a Twitter thread that did a lot of digging in the origins of 'Heart on My Sleeve' and it all seems to have started with a TikTok account by the name of ghostwriter977.

Mitchell Cohen Twitter

That account claims to have the full song at the link in their bio, but when you click it, it takes you to a weird site that is then asking for your phone number, with the promise of sending you song that way. The site that the link takes you to, is owned and operated by a startup company called Laylo and they tout themselves as being able to give creators more tools to reach more fans/subscribers via "drops." Anyway, this ghostwriter account also uploaded another AI Drake song a couple days ago where he's covering Colbie Caillat's 'Bubbly.'

Mitch stops short of saying it definitely is Laylo's doing but the company itself is feeding into the narrative; they retweeted his entire thread and responded with a cheeky ghost emoji. Because of this, Mitch and others feel like this a genius marketing ploy just to attract new users/customers to Laylo assuming it is, in fact, them.

As for Drake and Weeknd, they might wanna get on this as this song is too good to be out in the world without their sign-off, however, Drake has in the past been quotes as saying "AI is taking this too far" but can he ignore the headline: DRAKE & WEEKND AI-GENERATED SONG GOES VIRAL?

Drake and The Weeknd
Source: TMZ

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